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Whether you’re ready to enroll or a seasoned contributor, this resource center is your go-to hub for important features, benefits and updates related to your Lakewood Health System Retirement Plan.

Enrollment Documents

Step-by-step guide walking you through the online enrollment process. There is also a video (right) available if you’d like additional information on the importance of saving for retirement.

Summary of important features of Lakewood’s 401(k) plan. Including: annual deferral limits, employer matching percentage, vesting schedule, and withdrawal options.

Information on the potential benefits of making Roth (after-tax) contributions to your 401(k).

Enrollment Presentation

Investment Documents
Plan Administration
Plan Documents

Have Questions?

Human Resources:

For general benefit questions, please contact Janet Chaffee at (218) 894-8707 or

Wipfli Third-Party Administrator:

For questions regarding distributions, loans, rollovers, or other administrative items, please contact Wipfli Employee Benefit Services at (866) 565-6600 or

Wipfli Financial:

For questions regarding enrollment, investments, or general financial planning, please contact Blake Faust at (952) 548-3410 or